Review by Shannon Boudjema

2010 May 8
by dripta

Latest review on Dripta Roy and YES2DESIGN services for clients in London.

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VFX and Iron Man 2

2010 May 8
by dripta

I have been a fan of Sci Fi as long as I can remember starting from Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate you name it I have seen it and adored the special effects. Having worked recently for a few clients in creating visual effects for their products I have been addicted in learning tips and tricks of making great visuals. As Iron Man 2 opened in London, I rushed to watch it to see what new effects would blow my mind and for those who have already seen it you know exactly what I mean. Having done some internet surfing I came across a video I wanted to share with my readers. Iron Man 2 is full of intuitive interactions, transparent screens and digital feed backs. Makes me wonder what our future holds in terms of reality. Working with 3D modeling and animations all day, I must say I would love some of these goodies in my studio, but as I am sure if it was available today, Google would probably be the only one affording it. But we can always dream. So how did they make it all happen? Have a look…

Facebook Group Opening…join to win 100 pounds worth of Marketplace downloads!

2010 May 7
by dripta

After the ongoing success of YES2DESIGN blog and freelance requests, I was asked by a few people to open a facebook fan and group page. Well, today is the day, only a few days left to the official opening of the marketplace here at YES2DESIGN I decided to make it a little interesting. Come visit the facebook YES2DESIGN group and join up. I will be selecting two lucky winners mid May who will have 100 pounds worth of credit to be used at the marketplace to purchase 3D models, interiors and pre-rendered environments. So come join the group who knows you may be the lucky one!

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how precious is your time? using Keyshot…

2010 April 29
by dripta

During the past week having had multiple client deadlines in 3D rendering work I decided to buy a second computer to increase the efficiency of my work flow. As I was surfing the 3D design blogs I was reminded of a software called Keyshot which I had heard was a real time rendering engine. This aspect of ray tracing would be something new and exciting as rendering times with Keyshot are known to be very, and I mean very fast. So in addition to the new computer I decided to increase the dent in my account by purchasing Keyshot and Bunkspeed Move. So tonight I tested out Keyshot for you all. My first impression of Keyshot is great. When I say great, the rendering engine is extremely fast. This is perfect for those clients who are not concerned about the realism of the renders but want a feel of what their design/product looks like. I decided to render a model of a Ferrari GTO using Keyshot and below is a quick breakdown of what I did. Excluding the modeling time, the material application and rendering took around 30 minutes. Mind you this was my first attempt so I have very high hopes for future results.

I started with exporting the model as an .obj file in Rhino 4. After various different exporting formats, .obj worked the best with Keyshot as it split the model in separate parts making it very easy to apply materials in Keyshot.

GTO exported as .obj format

Importing the file into Keyshot with a model with such extensive meshes took no more than 15 seconds. The figure below shows the dashboard of Keyshot 1.9 immediately after the model was imported.

Imported GTO as .obj into Keyshot

I always have a habit of  comparing the model to the real thing so I decided to use a reference of a real GTO to compare the materials I was about to apply. This is very useful for creating photo realistic interiors while using Maxwell Render so I used the same method here.

GTO photo coparison

Below is a figure of the material application in Keyshot. What amazed me was the quality of the real time render as shown below. As you will see later it is close to the final render. So with a strong enough video card it seems flawless while playing around with the materials to see what the final model will look like without ever pressing the ‘render‘ button.

GTO material applied

After the application of DOP (depth of field) it once again shows up in your work view port making life much easier and quicker to preview your project. Below is the render without the use of an HDRI image.

Final render without HDRI image

Finally, with the application of an outdoor HDRI image.

GTO final render using HDRI image

For 30 minutes of work this is a perfect solution for clients with short deadlines and if the client leaves it up to you to choose a background that fits his/her product then Keyshot would be my choice as it would cut the time by 90%. I was informed by the Keyshot office in California that I will be receiving a free upgrade of the all new Keyshot 2 next month as I purchased Keyshot 1.9 during their promotional period so look out for a new product review soon. So guys, I might have a while to go in order to perfect my renderings in Keyshot and I might have to spend more than 30 minutes when it comes to creating a very photo realistic render in Keyshot but as for my first impression, I am absolutely loving the quick and dirty experience. Its 4am and its time for bed so I will see you guys soon.

Bookworm concept released…win first 5 pre-release pieces…

2010 April 27
by dripta

I love great bookshelf designs. I wanted to create a design minimalistic in characteristics yet fun and new. Bookworm is a two piece furniture set where there is a angles shelf and a straight shelf. This allows the user to create different shapes on the wall and decorate the wall with his/her books. The Bookworm can be use horizontally for books and vertically for DVDs. Due to be released later this year the bookworm will be sold from the studio in London in various colors. Its lightweight design comes from the use of aluminium coated dyes. The first 5 pieces will be given as free promotion of the product. All you have to do is leave a comment on why you would like one and an innovative way you would use it. The five selected individuals will be notified at the end of summer and the product sent to their home as a gift from prior to the official product launch. Good luck!




Bookworm without books

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